5 reasons to be part of World Conservation Congress
held every four years, the IUCN's World Conservation Congress is the world's largest conse...
published: 20 Aug 2012
author: iucn
Real World: Law of Conservation of Energy
This NASA video segment provides a problem that reviews the procedure to calculate kinetic...
published: 03 Sep 2008
author: NASAeClips
"1600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong: Creativity Meets Conservation"
1600 Pandas world tour was launched in 2008 by WWF and acclaimed French artist Paulo Grang...
published: 24 Jun 2014
20120920 T-ARA - Sexy Love (2012 World Conservation Congress Celebration Concert)
2012.09.20 T♔ARA - Sexy Love (2012 World Conservation Congress Celebration Concert)...
published: 20 Sep 2012
author: lioyrety
LMMA workshop at the IUCN 2012 World Conservation Congress in South Korea
Blue Ventures works to connect Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) leaders from around the ...
published: 18 Jun 2013
IUCN World Conservation Congress, nature+ life
30'' clip on nature+ life theme of IUCN's World Conservation Congress 2012 Nature+ is life...
published: 21 Aug 2012
author: iucn
Message from HRH the Prince of Wales to the IUCN World Conservation Congress
HRH the Prince of Wales addresses a session of the IUCN World Conservation Congress on the...
published: 27 Aug 2012
author: iucn
Sirocco - world's first Spokesbird for Conservation
In the International Year of Biodiversity, New Zealand's world famous parrot Sirocco the k...
published: 28 Jan 2010
author: Spokesbird
World Conservation Congress music video
Korean pop band 2am sings for the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, taking place in J...
published: 25 Apr 2012
author: iucn
World Conservation Congress [In Focus]
Host* - Bak Sang-mee (Professor, Division of International Studies, Hankuk university of F...
published: 26 Jan 2012
author: arirangnews
Out of This World Water Conservation
published: 21 Sep 2009
Ecosystem services -- M. Walpole (UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
http://www.fao.org/nr/cgrfa/cgrfa-media/cgrfa-multimedia/en/ Matt Walpole is Director of ...
published: 12 Nov 2013
Conservation planning for a changing world
published: 05 Jan 2012
Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica - World Endeavors Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer in Costa Rica with World Endeavors. This short video profiles Megan, a sea turtl...
published: 21 Apr 2010
Youtube results:
George Hunt: World Conservation Bank
George Washington Hunt is a Businessman in Boulder, Colorado. In the late eighties, he wen...
published: 28 Aug 2009
author: MDJarv
Suriname's Wealth of Water: A Solution to the World's Water Shortages? - Conservation International
http://www.conservation.org Suriname is part of the Guiana Shield, a tropical wilderness s...
published: 16 Sep 2013
Extinction Risk and Conservation of the World's Sharks and Rays
Video abstract for Dulvy et al. (2014) "Extinction Risk and Conservation of the World's Sh...
published: 21 Jan 2014
Conservation in a changing world
The saiga antelope is one of the most threatened species on the planet. Their numbers decl...
published: 28 May 2014